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ACT for America is the largest and the only grassroots organization dedicated to national security and defeating terrorism. Today, ACT for America has expanded to over 1,000 chapters and over 300,000 members.

We recently celebrated our victory in Arizona with the passage of American Laws for American Courts legislation to protect Arizona citizens from foreign law, including Sharia. ALAC prohibits state judges from applying foreign law, which can include sharia law, when doing so infringes on constitutional rights. ACT! for America has played a key role in getting ALAC (American Laws for American Courts) passed in Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and South Dakota. There is a growing trend across America for judges to apply or countenance foreign law in cases such as family law. This is problematic because there are instances where foreign laws do not provide constitutional protections to all parties in such cases. A study of one type of foreign law found that over the past several years sharia law has been invoked in 146 different cases across 32 states and the federal courts.

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